SalesHub Wins Grand Prize Impact Award for Sales Enablement for the North American Region for 2017

SalesHub has won the HubSpot Grand Prize Impact Award for Sales Enablement for the North American region for 2017 for its work with All Wildlife Removal Inc. This award recognizes international and domestic agency partners that have helped a client drive sales through the execution of sales enablement services.

SalesHub began working with All Wildlife Removal Inc. by executing an inbound marketing strategy. While the strategy worked effectively to bring in qualified leads, the client’s sales reps weren’t closing. Thus, the company was struggling financially.

SalesHub then introduced sales enablement services. After an in-depth analysis, SalesHub developed a tailored solution to solve the client’s sales challenges, which included transforming its sales compensation model, integrating HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales, defining and mapping the sales process, and training and coaching the client’s sales representatives.

These sales enablement services, combined with an ongoing inbound marketing strategy, proved to be just what the client needed to boost its bottom line and increase margins by 35 percent.

The HubSpot Impact Awards celebrate the growth and successes of agency partners. They demonstrate the best inbound work over the past year in the categories of Sales Enablement, Integrations Innovation, Inbound Growth Story, Website Design, and Graphic Design. 

About SalesHub

SalesHub, a platinum-level HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, is one of North America's top inbound sales and marketing agencies. Helping companies build their brands since 2011, SalesHub specializes in driving sales by managing all aspects of a business's website, social media, content, and other online assets. Find them at

Source: SalesHub Inc.